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Tucker Carlson: If you think race is a moral category, you should be nowhere near our justice system – Fox News

Tucker Carlson: If you think race is a moral category, you should be nowhere near our justice system – Fox News

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‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host exposes the ‘radical and incompetent’ Rachael Rollins
Last Christmas Eve, a little after one o’clock in the afternoon, a woman called Katie Lawson tried to pull her car out of the South Bay Mall in Boston. Besides her, she noticed a woman in a Chevy Tahoe who appeared to be yelling and gesticulating. The woman rolled down her window and started to scream at Lawson, “You want me to write you a ticket?” She barked, “Because I’ll write you a ticket. Today is not the day to try me.” And with that, this mysterious woman turned on a set of emergency police strobe lights on her SUV. 
Watching all of this, Katie Lawson was rattled. Clearly, this was a mentally ill police officer, by definition, a highly dangerous person. So, Lawson asked a friend in the passenger’s seat to take a photograph of the Tahoe’s license plate. Then she contacted police to let them know they had an unbalanced officer on their force. Not a small thing. 
But it turned out the woman in the Tahoe was not a police officer, she was just impersonating a police officer. She had no power to arrest Katie Lawson or write her a ticket, who had not broken any law anyway. The woman never should have had cop lights on her car. It turns out her name was Rachael Rollins. She was a local political activist who somehow had been elected Suffolk County prosecutor. When the story became public, Rollins was not embarrassed. She did not apologize for acting like a lunatic, much less for abusing her power. 
Instead, Rollins went on Twitter and compared herself to Emmett Till, the 14-year-old boy who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955. The implication, of course, Katie Lawson, a registered Democrat, was a Klansman. Well, a few days later, a news crew from the local Fox affiliate, Boston25, tracked Rollins down to hear more of her story. The channel’s cameraman was very careful not to shoot any images of Rollins’ home or her family. But Rollins immediately became hysterical anyway. 
She described Katie Lawson’s story as, “the rantings of a White woman.” As if Katie Lawson’s race was relevant to anything, which it is not. Then she describes herself as a “Black woman, in this moment, in this country.” Now you’ll note the ludicrous melodrama there and the whiny self-pity. 
But by the way, it’s not even, strictly speaking, true. Rollins isn’t “a Black woman.” Her father was Irish. So like Barack Obama, Rachael Rollins is every bit as much White as she is Black, though for some reason we’re all required to pretend otherwise. God knows why. Like Obama, Rollins had an unusually privileged childhood. She grew up in an affluent neighborhood. She played lacrosse at an expensive private school, and like Obama, she grew up to become an angry bigot. Now we’re not psychiatrists, so we’ll just let those facts sit there for others to assess. 
What we do know is that it is completely unacceptable to have a racist working as a federal prosecutor in this country. If you think race is a moral category, and Rachael Rollins does think that, you should be nowhere near our justice system. Justice is colorblind. Justice must be colorblind or else it’s not justice, it’s just vengeance. Every American citizen has a fundamental right to be judged equally under the laws of the United States, regardless of what they look like. Period. DNA can play no role in our justice system. 
That’s the whole point of our country. It’s the most important thing that we have. 
So by definition, Rachael Rollins should be disqualified immediately from administering our laws. Rollins sees race first. She’s a racist, so she can’t be fair. This is all very obvious or should be obvious, it always has been obvious. Yet, amazingly, thanks to the principles of equity, Rachael Rollins has just been promoted. This week, the United States Senate confirmed that woman as new U.S. Attorney of Massachusetts. That means Rollins is now in charge of enforcing all federal laws in a state of nearly 7 million people. No Republicans supported her. She got through on a 50-50 vote. Kamala Harris, of course, broke the tie. 
It is heartbreaking, honestly, not a partisan question, but an American question. It is heartbreaking to report this. Rachael Rollins is a living attack on our ancient system of justice; which once again, is the best and most important thing the United States still has. Rollins has views that earlier generations would have correctly compared to Nazi race theory. She believes that melanin determines moral worth, which is grotesque and immoral. 
Here’s Rollins in February of last year at a panel discussion with other lawyers. At one point, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California, a man called McGregor Scott, dared to suggest that prosecutors ought to enforce laws. And here’s how Rachael Rollins responded:
ROLLINS: I will say, as one of less than 1% of actual people with melanin that are in this role…I really don’t have much time for more White men telling me what communities of color need.
So shut up, White man – you have to be the same color as the people you oversee. That was Rachael Rollins’s legal argument. It’s almost impossible to believe that is the person now administering all federal law in the state of Massachusetts, but it is. It’s not just Rollins’ creepy, totally immoral race theories that make her unfit for the job she now has. She was also a demonstrable disaster as a prosecutor, an elected prosecutor in Massachusetts. When she was elected D.A. in Boston, Rollins promised not to enforce the law. She claimed that ignoring the law would somehow make Suffolk County safer. It’s not an exaggeration. Rollins announced a list of 15 offenses, at least, she was explicit about it, that henceforth she would refuse to prosecute. Those offenses included trespassing, shoplifting, breaking and entering, wanton destruction of property, drug possession with intent to distribute, drug dealing and resisting arrest. Lunacy. 
So on this show back several years ago, in 2018, we asked Rachael Rollins, who was game enough to come on, to explain to us why it’s a good idea not to prosecute theft? Here’s what she said: 
ROLLINS: $50,000 a year to house somebody in the Suffolk County House of Corrections. A shoplifting charge is going to have multiple court dates. We are going to have, let’s say, three months, this person can’t afford their bail. It’s going to cost us $12,500 to house them in the Suffolk County House of Corrections. I believe that we can have them doing either community service or returning the item itself. I think we have to think creatively about solutions. It’s much more fiscally responsible.
So it’s your fault Mr. and Mrs. law-abiding taxpayer when criminals break the law because your laws are racist, and unduly punitive, even though they were passed by the legislature that you voted for. That’s the argument she’s making. 
So the question is in real life in actual terms and say the body count, how did this all work out in Suffolk County, Massachusetts? Well, last year, murders there were up more than 50%. It turns out it’s not just theft that Rachael Rollins has been refusing to prosecute; violent offenses, too. In one case chronicled by the ordinarily very sympathetic Boston Globe, “A lawyer was attacked while walking her dog in Charlestown, suffering a traumatic brain injury that she is still recovering from more than two years later. Yet, Rachael Rollins’s prosecutors cut a deal with her attacker that allowed him to avoid prison time.” 
So you beat a woman almost to death and they let you off. Rachael Rollins does. In another case that the Boston Globe reported on, “Rachael Rollins’s prosecutor shocked a judge by asking for no jail time in a case involving a burglary suspect who was caught breaking into buildings with 39 fake credit cards in his pocket.” 
So you have to ask yourself, why are Rachael Rollins’s prosecutors cutting all these deals? Of course, because Rachael Rollins told them to. She believes that violence and theft should be legal as long as the people committing those crimes are the right color. And we’re not guessing about that because she said it out loud pretty explicitly during the BLM riots last summer. Watch this.  
ROLLINS: And it is completely ironic to have to say to you, ‘Please don’t be violent. Please keep your voice down. Please be silent and comply with all of the police’s requirements,’ when in fact it’s those very people that murder us with impunity.
Riot all you want, White cops are the real murderers – that was her message. So even in the state of Massachusetts, which is progressive to the point of parody, this was too much. A number of prosecutors in the state, including some on the committed left, stood up to complain about Rollins’s behavior and her rhetoric. One of them was a district attorney called Michael O’Keefe. He wrote an op-ed pointing out that it is not, emphatically not, a prosecutor’s job to eliminate laws: “A district attorney does not have the power to nullify an entire class of criminal conduct,” O’Keefe wrote. “That is the sole prerogative of our Legislature.” 
Los Angeles, CA – December 08:Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, who was just confirmed by the senate to be US attorney for Massachusetts, speaks during Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascóns press conference on reforms to the criminal justice system in his first year in office in Los Angeles on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images) (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images)
The Legislature, the people you elect, who you vote for in November, to write the laws that you want. We used to call it democracy. Pretty fundamental concept in this country, obviously unknown to Rachael Rollins. So how did she take this criticism? How did you respond? We’ll give you three guesses. OK, you got it. She denounced it as, “Barely veiled racism.” Obviously. Meanwhile, Rollins’s own racism was getting less veiled by the day. Again, we didn’t make any of these things up. These are actual videotapes. This one’s from June 2020. She said it as rioters burned the country.
ROLLINS: We have looked around this country and seen police officers — people that Black lives pay taxes to fund these positions — shoot us in the street as if we were animals… People are fed up. And to the White community that is now waking up to see this rage: We’ve been telling you this forever. We’ve been saying this since Colin Kaepernick took a knee. We’ve been saying this for decades. And you didn’t listen to us.
“We” says the half-Irish Rachael Rollins. Those Whites didn’t listen and now they’re getting what they deserve. She said that out loud. Now, look, you can’t be completely shocked by this because you’re going to find people like that– wackos, malcontents, haters, race obsessives, in every society. Every culture has its fringes. It’s not restricted to America or any certain color. Crazy people are out there. But what you cannot do under any circumstances ever is make people like that into federal prosecutors. If you do that, your system will fall apart. Why? Simple. No one will believe that justice is on the level, and unfortunately, they’ll be right.
This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the December 9, 2021 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
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