Home Entertainment Euphoria Star Hunter Schafer Reveals Her Random Nickname for Zendaya – E! NEWS

Euphoria Star Hunter Schafer Reveals Her Random Nickname for Zendaya – E! NEWS

Euphoria Star Hunter Schafer Reveals Her Random Nickname for Zendaya – E! NEWS

Looks like this body part is more than just an on-screen appearance for the Euphoria cast mates.
Hunter Schafer shared the random nickname she and Zendaya have for each other in a recent interview with i-D. We'll save you the trouble of taking a guess: It's "boob."
When asked about the first word that comes to mind when she thought of Zendaya, Hunter responded by revealing their inside joke.
"We call each other 'boob' or 'boobies," she said. "It's endearing, you know." 
Fans first noticed that the two dropped hints about the nickname in social media posts. In January 2022, the 23 year old posted pics of Zendaya on her Instagram story with the caption "happy boob day." While it may have seemed she was referencing a holiday about the body part, it turns out that she was actually talking about her Euphoria co-star. 
The show, which is about addiction and its effects on friends and family, challenged both Zendaya and Hunter. The show marked Hunter's first acting gig, forcing her out of her shell when it first aired in 2019.
"Season one was like a super intense acting course," she told i-D. "Even in the pilot, I remember in between takes being like, ‘Oh my God, this is so f–king hard. I have no idea what I'm doing.'" 
Before taking on the HBO role, she modeled for designers like Rick Owns, Miu Miu, Dior and Marc Jacobs.
She continued, "I was really truly learning while making an HBO television show, which is just a wild circumstance to be in… I think I'm finally at a place where I'm like, okay I like this, I can keep doing this."
Her big break opened her up to the world of film and TV, so much so that she eventually co-wrote a Euphoria special titled "F–k Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob" that dove deeper into the world of Jules and ultimately, herself.
"I was in a very f–king raw place, you know, it was the summer of 2020," she said. "When I say that episode really became a lifeline, I mean it."
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