Home Entertainment Lil Nas X Does Not Have Nicki Minaj Collab On Debut Album – HotNewHipHop

Lil Nas X Does Not Have Nicki Minaj Collab On Debut Album – HotNewHipHop

Lil Nas X Does Not Have Nicki Minaj Collab On Debut Album – HotNewHipHop

UPDATE: Nicki Minaj‘s team has confirmed in a statement to HNHH that the rapper did not work with Lil Nas X for his upcoming debut album. Read the original article below.
It is no secret at this point that Lil Nas X was among those in the loyal and dedicated fanbase of Nicki Minaj. The self-proclaimed Barb did show some hesitancy after it was revealed that his official Twitter account was formerly a Barb stan page. He explained that despite still being a huge fan of Nicki, he wanted to create an identity for himself as his own career began to launch. Nicki later accepted the apology and congratulated him for his success and speaking his truth.
At the time, Lil Nas X did attempt to try and get a verse from Nicki for his debut album. However, there wasn’t a response from Nicki regarding the potential collaboration. She is quite private, anyways, so it seems even if they did collaborate, they would want a proper rollout to accompany its release. 
Following the success (and controversy) of Lil Nas X’s video for his new single, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” the rapper went on Instagram Live with @rapalert2.0 when he was asked about his forthcoming project. “You can expect many more moments like this. You can expect people learning more about Montero, learning more about me,” he explained. “You can expect me being myself, like, fully and not really giving a fuck, I guess.” 
That’s when the interviewer asked Lil Nas X about working with Nicki Minaj in a way that sounded as if it’s already in the bag for his debut album. “And what was it like working with Nicki Minaj?” The interviewer asked, prompting Lil Nas X to quickly evade the question and the Internet, entirely. 
“Oh my god,” he said. “I gotta go. I love you, Nicki. I gotta goooooo. Sorry.” His abrupt response to the question only furthered the assumption that he’s secured the Nicki verse. 
Do you think Lil Nas X has a collab with Nicki Minaj already? 

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