Home Entertainment Akademiks Tells Freddie Gibbs: "Stop Tweeting. Start Spinning. B*tch'" – HotNewHipHop

Akademiks Tells Freddie Gibbs: "Stop Tweeting. Start Spinning. B*tch'" – HotNewHipHop

Akademiks Tells Freddie Gibbs: "Stop Tweeting. Start Spinning. B*tch'" – HotNewHipHop

It looks like Akademiks and Freddie Gibbs have no intention of squashing their beef in the near future. Over the weekend, the two rehashed their issues with one another which led Freddie Gibbs to continue cracking jokes at Akademiks’ expense on Instagram and Twitter. 
Akademiks was clearly not going to allow this to slide without defending himself in some capacity. Ak responded during his live stream where he brought up the Brooklyn shooting where two of Gibbs associates were hit. “N***as bust at you in Brooklyn. Nothing happened,” Akademiks said before citing the interview with 6ix9ine who revealed who the shooter was. “You talkin’ this gangsta shit. Where’s the get back?”

Freddie Gibbs literally a internet gangsta who get online trolling for jokes and retweets and talking like he a steppa. Well @FreddieGibbs u n everybody say I’m a bitch. It’s on u to make a example of me. But please for the love of God.. STOP TWEETING. Start Spinning,” Akademiks tweeted. Gibbs kept his response short, writing, “N***a shut yo pussy ass up before I spin U.”

Akademiks continued to invite Freddie Gibbs to “spin” but then shared an article from Rolling Stone about the shooting. Akademiks brought up the fact that Freddie Gibbs’ father worked in law enforcement before alleging that Gibbs also gave a police statement after he was shot at. “When police showed Gibbs photos of the shooter and another man seen with him, the rapper said he didn’t recognize either suspect. No arrests have been made,” the article reads. No explicit mention of a police statement was made in the article. 
Gibbs didn’t retaliate with as many characters on Twitter. Instead, he let off a few tweets reminding Ak’ of the time he was suspended from Complex for reckless statements made on social media. “I love when this bitch talk about me @Akademiks because he said I was irrelevant,” he tweeted. “Last time U lost your job don’t lose your life trying to make a point that u can’t prove.”

Check out the tweets below. 

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