Home Entertainment How to Delete Your Spotify Account – Plus 5 Spotify Alternatives – Digital Music News

How to Delete Your Spotify Account – Plus 5 Spotify Alternatives – Digital Music News

How to Delete Your Spotify Account – Plus 5 Spotify Alternatives – Digital Music News

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how to delete your Spotify account
If you’re ready to switch to one of many Spotify alternatives, you can delete your Spotify account. Just don’t forget to export all of your playlists with a service like Soundiiz. If you have Spotify Premium, you’ll need to head to the Spotify website to get the process started.
Spotify Premium can’t be canceled inside the Spotify app on iOS or Android. You’ll need to head to the website and login to view your account page. Here are the steps you’ll need to take.
Congrats, you’ve successfully canceled your Spotify Premium account. But that move won’t delete your Spotify account completely. If you’re sure you’ll never want to use the service again, follow these steps to delete your info completely.
Ready to permanently delete your Spotify account, including all data associated with it? You’ll need to visit Spotify’s Support page to get the process started. The process is also different depending on whether you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber or an ad-supported free tier member.
Head to Spotify Support and click ‘Close Your Account.’
Confirm you want to close your account.
If you’re a Spotify Premium member, Spotify doesn’t want to lose you. It has made the cancel process harder for Premium members by forcing you to call Spotify customer support. If you want to avoid talking to customer support, you should cancel your Premium service. Once your account is reverted to the free tier, you can delete it without talking to customer service.
If you’ve deleted your Spotify account and you think you’ve made a mistake, you can recover it for seven days. After that, Spotify will scrub your data from their servers, and your account is gone forever.
There are a number of music streaming services that compete directly with Spotify. Spotify has attempted to make itself the home for high-profile podcasts, so switching may not be a viable option for you if you listen to lots of podcasts. However, if you just want to listen to music, try these streaming services.
Napster and Tidal are the most artist-friendly streaming services out of the five listed above. They pay higher royalty rates to artists per stream than the other three. Apple Music and Deezer are similar in what they pay artists, while Amazon Prime Music is even worse than Spotify in terms of how much artists get paid per stream.
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