Home Entertainment NYPD Release Nas Blixky Shooting Suspect Video In Hopes The Public Come Forward – HipHopDX

NYPD Release Nas Blixky Shooting Suspect Video In Hopes The Public Come Forward – HipHopDX

NYPD Release Nas Blixky Shooting Suspect Video In Hopes The Public Come Forward – HipHopDX

Brooklyn, NY – A few weeks after New York rapper Nas Blixky was shot and left in critical condition, the NYPD still has yet to arrest a suspect in the attempted assassination, and now they’re asking the public for help.
The NYPD on Monday (February 7) released a video of the moment Blixky was shot in the back and leg in Brooklyn’s Prospect Lefferts Garden neighborhood. Authorities hoped the video would help find someone who could identify the assailant.  The video shows a man walking along PLG’s Montgomery St. before proceeding to pull out a gun as he heads toward Rogers Ave. From there the individual is seen firing off multiple shots as he crosses the street.

The attempt on Nas Blixky’s life comes two years after friend and fellow rapper Nick Blixky was shot and killed in the same neighborhood. According to CNN, Blixky was discovered unresponsive with “gunshot wounds to his torso and buttocks” before being transported to New York City Health & Hospitals/Kings County where he was pronounced dead.
Since his own shooting, Nas Blixky has vowed to change his rap moniker and never diss other rappers again.
“On Facebook they’re saying he’s dead but he’s still alive,” the rapper’s stepfather, who preferred to be nameless, told The Daily News. “The rapper Nas Blixky is dead. The stage name is gone. Many people want him dead. I told him he’s better than that. You want him dead? He’s dead. He’ll be back with better music and better lyrics.”
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January 13, 2022
In an interview with HipHopDX, New York rapper 22Gz said rappers should stop dissing each other to avoid more tragedies.
“All these young n-ggas, they got heat, I ain’t gon’ lie,” 22Gz began around the 2:30-mark. “They got heat. They doin’ they thing. Just gotta dumb they dissin’ down cause n-ggas don’t hear you, n-ggas straight hear the dissin’ and say fuck the whole song, ya heard? It’s how diss though. It’s day room how they do it type shit. Like bro, a n-gga moms can’t hear that type shit. You really trying to make it or what? You playin’.”
HipHopDX is wishing Nas Blixky a speedy recovery.
Revisit the interview with 22Gz below.

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