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Charleston White’s Wild Comments Stir Up Trouble with China Mac

Charleston White’s Wild Comments Stir Up Trouble with China Mac.

Y’all know how Charleston White loves to take shots at celebs, right? Dude’s always spilling the beans on their personal lives and picking fights with folks who got some murky dealings with the law. He ain’t shy about calling the cops on them either if they clap back.

The controversial social media personality who’s always stirring up drama, has found himself in hot water once again. It was just last week when Math Hoffa called him out for making some seriously foul comments about his daughters. But now, White’s gone and dropped another bomb, and people ain’t happy.

Well, things got real heated when CW came out swingin’ in a new video, this time taking aim at the Asian community. Calling for Asian women to be “brutally” assaulted and throwin’ shade at everything connected to Chinese culture. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with the Asian community, and CW caught some serious backlash.

One person who ain’t lettin’ this slide is China Mac, the rapper and ex-gang member. Mac hopped online to respond, and now the two are caught up in a full-blown internet beef. China Mac’s not playin’ either—he wants to meet White face-to-face and handle things.

Mac didn’t stop there, though. He dropped some info about an upcoming live show that DJ Akademiks is said to have organized, with White on the bill. “Yo, on April 30, you gonna be in NYC, right? You got a gig at the Gramercy Theater with Akademiks, ain’t that true?” Mac went on to grill Akademiks. “Ayo, Akademiks, you cool with this, man? You really gonna back this up? You down with this racist talk and all this nonsense? ‘Cause people wanna know, man. Gramercy Theater, right? April 30, right? Say Less.”

It’s clear that Mac ain’t playing around, and now folks are waiting to see how DJ Akademiks will respond to the situation. Keep your eyes peeled for the next development!

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